2175 (Rolls-Royce) Squadron

Air Training Corps


Structure of the Air Cadet Organisation

Ministry of Defence    
Defence Council    
    Air Cadet Council
(inc Chaplains Committee)
RAF Personnel and Training Command    
Headquarters Air Cadets    
Regional Headquarters   Regional Councils
(inc Regional Chaplains)
Wing Headquarters   Wing Civilian Committees
(inc Wing Chaplains)
Squadrons   Squadron Civilian Committees
(inc Squadron Chaplain)
Detached Flights    

Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) This formation is located at Royal Air force Cranwell in Lincolnshire, and is commanded by a regular Royal Air Force Officer who holds the rank of Air Vice Marshal (AVM). The Air Officer Commanding (AOC), Commandant Air Cadets (CmdtAC) is a regular Royal Air Force officer who holds the rank of Air Commodore (Air Cdre). The Air Commodore commands a staff consisting of a mix of serving RAF officers, RAF airmen, RAF reserve officers (RAFR), plus full time civilian clerical staff. The AOC is followed by the Chief of Staff Air Cadets, who holds the rank of Group Captain.

The departmental structure of this formation controls all aspects of the ACO such as: Personnel, finance, Physical Education, training, Engineering and supply, chaplaincy services and Public Relations

Regions The UK is divided into six areas known as regions, each region is controlled by a retired RAF officer who holds the rank of Group Captain. The Group Captain is usually referred to as the Regional Commandant. He is assisted by a team of regional staff officers and civilian staff.

Wings Each region is then divided into a number of Wings, each wing is controlled by an officer who holds the rank of Wing Commander.  He is assisted by a team of Wing Staff officers and civilian staff. Each wing is responsible for the control of the squadrons and detached flight within that area.

With Thanks to www.aircadets.org for the above information.

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