2175 (Rolls-Royce) Squadron

Air Training Corps



Air Experience Flying (AEF)

As an Air Cadet you will receive the opportunity to fly in the RAF's basic trainer, the Grob Tutor. Under the guidance of a trained pilot, you are able to control the aircraft yourself and even perform your own aerobatics manoeuvres. Flying takes place at the many Air Experience Flying schools across the country, and each air cadet will have at least one flight per year. The squadron flies at No.4 AEF which is based at Glasgow Airport.

Opportunity Flights/ Overseas Flights

Opportunity flights are organised to allow air cadets to have a flight in a commercial aircraft while in the cockpit, following the pilots controls. You could find yourself jetting off to London, Paris, Madrid or Rome!

Flying Scholarship Scheme

The ATC provides training to help applicants to the RAF Flying Scholarship Scheme. Most successful applicants come from us. The scheme awards 20 hours dual and 5 hours solo flying at your nearest civil flying school for free. Completion will see you awarded your flying scholarship badge. After that you are able to continue your instruction towards a PPL (Private Pilots Licence) at your own cost.

Pilot Navigation Scheme

This scheme is open to cadets over the age of 16 who have passed their Air Navigation course in classification training. It offers a two week course with 10 hours instruction in the air and ground training.





Duke of Edinburgh's Award




Adventure Training


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