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Leadership in the ATC or anywhere else is very important in many situations whether it be on a night exercise or a parade night.

To be a good leader you must have qualities like confidence, quick thinking, communication, intelligence, integrity, enthusiasm and courage to name a few. Also you should

  •  Know your job

  • Know your people and make yourself be known

  • Be straight to the point

  • Be a good coach

  • Be impartial and fair

  • Be sensitive

At the start of the exercise it is most common to use S.M.E.A.C. to brief your team.

Our squadron has a Leadership Exercise Night every month. These exercises involve using a team of cadets and equipment to complete a specific objective, testing the skills of the leader. Usually we have 4 flights, which have a reasonable number of cadets. There are 3 different exercises that each flight will have completed by the end of the night. To see one of our exercises click here.

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