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There are many sports that take place in the Air Training Corps at squadron, wing, region and corps level.


In Glasgow and West of Scotland there is no official squadron competition however, many squadrons organize their own five-a-side tournaments. To be chosen for the Wing team at Junior or Senior level you must attend trials which are held annually. Then if you are good enough you will be chosen to play for the Region and then perhaps the corps. This event is for male cadets only.


The Wing Athletics is held annually around May. Squadrons enter individual cadets and you are free to choose three events to participate in, two track and one field. Medals are awarded for first, second and third in each event and in each age category, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. There are also separate male and female events. In addition to this there are cups to be won by the best male cadet at the event, all levels, and the best female cadet, all levels. There is also a trophy for the best squadron at the event. If you come first you will go on to represent the Wing at the regional competion, which follows a similar format. Events include:

100 metres  200 metres  400 metres
800 metres  1500 metres   High Jump
Long Jump Javelin Shot Putt


The rugby competitions follow the same format as for the football. Again, this event is for male cadets only.


The Net ball competition is held annually around October. Squadrons enter their own teams or individual cadets to make up composite teams. There is a trophy and medals to be won. If you play well you may be selected for the wing team and then perhaps region or corps. This event is for female cadets only.


The wing cross-country competition is held annually and is usually held in November. Again, there are separate male and female events with three age groups for the males and two for the females. Those competing must run a three mile course over rough terrain. There are medals for those who come first, second and third. The first four in each category form the wing team and can be chosen for region and corps.


There is no official wing hockey competition. Instead trials are held for the Junior and Senior team who go on to the regional competition where they can win a trophy and medals. Team members may be chosen for Regional and corps teams. This event is for female cadets only.


The swimming competition is held annually. There are medals to be won and those who win are selected for the Wing team. Again there are Regional and Corps competitions also.





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